Oceanic Champions League
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How do I queue for a game?

On the left side of each page there is a panel for queueing. All queues that exist are displayed as clickable buttons, although any queues you are not eligible to partake in will be disabled. Once you click on a queue, you will be placed into the queue.

How are teams selected?

Once there are 10 players in queue, the system does a number of things to determine the most balanced teams with the players available. First, each player is assigned a "buddy" - someone of similar rating to them, who will then always be on the opposing team. This leaves us with 5 "buddy groups", which means there are 32 possible combinations of teams (2^5), given that buddies cannot be on the same team. The system goes through each combination until it finds one with the lowest difference in average rating between the two teams, and those are the teams used.

How do I connect to TeamSpeak?

When in the lobby, the bottom left will have a button that says "JOIN TEAMSPEAK" - you can click this to automatically connect and be placed in the correct channel. If the button does not work for you, you can launch TeamSpeak manually and use the "COPY IP" and "COPY PASS" buttons to connect using the relevant server IP address and password.

How do I veto a map?

When in the lobby, the available maps will be displayed down the centre of the screen. Both teams have two vetos and only the captain can veto a map. The captain will always be displayed as the first player on each team's player list and have a star next to their name. You simply click on the two maps that you want ban and wait for the other captain to veto two maps as well. Once four maps are banned, a map is selected at random by the system from the remaining three.

How do I connect to the server?

When in the lobby, the bottom right will have a button that says "JOIN SERVER" - you can click this to automatically launch CS:GO and connect to the server. If the button does not work for you, you can launch CS:GO manually and use the "COPY DETAILS" button to paste into your console to connect. The buttons will be disabled until a map has been chosen and the server has been configured. There is a memory leak that exists with the "JOIN SERVER" button, so we would recommend that you connect manually.

What commands are there in game?

Captains have the ability to ".ready", ".unready", ".pause", ".unpause" (all self-explanatory) or ".cancel" to request to the other captain that the PUG be cancelled with no ladder points deducted. The other captain must type ".cancel" within 30 seconds of the request being made, or the request is no longer valid.
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